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Reaching renters nationwide

+51 pts

Average credit score increase (Jan 2020 to June 2021)

3465 +

Individuals previously without credit that established prime scores

833 pts

Highest credit score established through Esusu

You deserve credit for the rent you’re already paying

Rent is the most consistent monthly payment you make, and we believe it should work for you to build your credit score.

  • Build credit just by paying rent on time.
  • View and monitor credit reports and credit score improvements.
  • Access additional financial resources.

My building uses Esusu

Enroll with Esusu

You'll receive an email from us to get started. We use bank-grade security to confirm your identity while protecting your data.

Continue paying rent on-time

Once you’re enrolled, we'll be able to access records of on-time rent payments through your property manager and report them directly to the credit bureaus.

Check your progress

Monitor your credit score on the Esusu app for records of payment and score increases.

Get help if you need it

If you're at risk of falling behind on a payment, consider applying for Esusu Rent Relief.

Independent Renter Program

You want to start building credit for the rent you are already paying, but your property management doesn't partner with Esusu yet. Don’t worry, we have you covered!

We are excited to announce that Esusu will be launching a new credit-building program for independent renters, like you, in the near future. Join our waitlist now and get notified when this exciting update comes out!


An easier way to build credit

Esusu is the easiest way to build and establish your credit score without going into debt. Let your rent do the work for you!

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What renters are saying about us

I love reporting my rental payments with Esusu. The process is so easy, and it’s helped me establish my credit score.

Daniella A

I am really excited to enroll in Esusu Rent to build my credit score.

Chidi U