Esusu scales rent reporting platform across Related Affordable’s portfolio to help renters build financial resilience in more than 50,000 units: Read on!



Building financial access and inclusion

Founded in 2018 by Abbey Wemimo and Samir Goel, Esusu was built on the premise that where you come from, the color of your skin, and your financial identity should never determine where you end up in life.

In the U.S., credit is your lifeline to the financial system. To date, 45M+ Americans lack credit scores, and millions more are marginalized due to their background, race, and zip code.

Our mission is to create tools that cultivate financially healthy communities and support our vision to generate equitable financial access for everyone.



We create tools for others to seize their opportunity, providing hardworking people with the means to build their credit.


We fight for the folks and believe that your skin color and financial identity should never determine where you end up in life.


We have a mind for business with a heart for people. If we remain flexible, our ideas will too. That’s how we grow.


We are grateful for our customers, people as well as the unique opportunity to advance humanity. We take none of these for granted.


Dismantle barriers to housing for working families

We believe housing is a fundamental right. We envision a world without delinquency, housing evictions, and ultimately homelessness.

At Esusu, we are building and refining the tools, resources, and partnerships to keep renters housed while helping owners and operators retain residents over time.