Esusu’s approach to social impact reporting

Social impact (the “S”) has traditionally been difficult to scale and even harder to measure. Esusu’s approach brings your portfolio’s rent reporting and rent relief metrics to the forefront in a single dashboard.

Measure and report the key social impact metrics that support a more robust ESG strategy in investor letters, annual reports, GRESB, and other ESG disclosures.

Want to tell a better social impact story?

See how Esusu customers are creating real change and telling meaningful stories through their social impact data.

Related Affordable

A goal of building trust with residents resulted in 10,000+ newly established credit scores for Related Affordable renters


Learn how BH improved the credit scores of 6,400+ renters to an average of 671 points in only 4 months.


In Stoneweg US’ second year using Esusu as an amenity for their properties, it was able to help its residents exponentially improve their financial fitness.

Where data meets impact

We believe that a strong social impact strategy has both quantifiable metrics and qualitative proof of its effectiveness. 
Some of the data our customers use to measure social impact include:

  • Improvement in credit scores for their properties/portfolios
  • # of credit scores established
  • New average portfolio credit score
  • Rent relief deployed
  • % of renters who have built prime credit scores
  • # of new car and student loans unlocked
  • # of mortgages established through access to new credit

What we’ve heard from renters

Social impact metrics can improve the lives of your residents as well as improving your portfolio. Learn how rent reporting and rent relief directly impacted the lives of Esusu residents like Brenda.