Expanded Freddie Mac initiative covers first-year cost of rent reporting through Esusu for multifamily borrowers. Learn more!

Report positive rent payments with Fannie Mae + Esusu

Drive portfolio performance

Property owners can improve their portfolio performance while driving better resident outcomes through rent reporting.

Without the cost

Fannie Mae covers 100% of Esusu platform fees for the first year and discounted pricing thereafter.

How the program works

When you sign up for Esusu through Fannie Mae’s Multifamily Positive Rent Payment Reporting, you'll get access to the entire Esusu platform (at no cost for the first year!). This includes:

Rent reporting

Rent relief

Social impact metrics

Enabling you to:

Improve property collections & NOI

Reduce turnover and retain quality residents

Provide a meaningful and differentiated amenity

A win-win for property owners and renters


renters would be more likely pay rent on-time if their rent is reported to a credit bureau.1


renters would choose the rental unit with reporting already in place.1


of renters currently have their rent reported to the credit bureaus today.

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1. TransUnion, "Rent Reporting Will Motivate Seven in 10 Renters to Make More On-Time Payments, 2019