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Esusu is a mission-driven company that works with property managers and renters, who choose to participate around the country, to report rental payment data into the credit bureaus as a way to improve renters’ credit scores. Esusu is leveraging its network and resources to support renters in this difficult time.


Esusu is a secure, encrypted data processing and storage platform based in the cloud, that interfaces with property management systems via certified APIs. The system retrieves resident rental payment information for transformation and submission to credit bureaus on a monthly basis. Property managers interact with the system via a secure dashboard interface hosted in the cloud. File submissions to Equifax, TransUnion and Experian are undertaken via secure file transfer protocol to separate web portals controlled by each bureau.

Esusu takes data protection seriously, and we have implemented the following security protocols:


  1. Data is stored and processed in the cloud on secure platforms owned and maintained by independent third parties that are SOC 2 Type 2 certified;
  2. Data is encrypted at rest and in transit;
  3. Our technology system is subject to regular penetration tests by independent security experts;
  4. Our team members use multi-factor authentication for access to all cloud-based service providers;
  5. We use secure password vaults and anti-viral software on all computers;
  6. All team members are required to adhere to the company’s security policies and code of conduct.

We are sorry to see you go! If you wish to opt-out of our program, please send an email to rentsupport@esusu.org or text 347 991 9672. We will happily opt you out of the rent reporting program with no questions asked.

The credit bureaus look at your signed lease agreement as money you own month over month. Essentially, your apartment complex is fronting you money each month to live there and you “pay them back” in the beginning of every month. This is reflected as you have successfully paid back the ‘borrowed’ money thus satisfied your loan. We agree, this is not the way Esusu would choose to word it either.

Esusu stores your data in encrypted format on servers maintained by Amazon Web Services. AWS is one of the most secure cloud platforms in the world. Esusu views data security as a top priority and has instilled processes/safeguards accordingly.

Each credit bureau uses its own unique scoring models to determine your credit score, which can lead to discrepancies. Given these differences, lenders use FICO or VantageScore which are aggregates of credit scores from all three credit bureaus.

Esusu is plugged into the property management system, which notifies Esusu each month who has paid and who has not paid during the month. If you paid that month, Esusu will report those good payments which could help you grow your credit score. If you missed your payment that month, Esusu will not report you. You will no longer be enrolled in Esusu if you miss a payment.

It is impossible to promise or predict a certain score increase because every person has a unique credit risk profile, and multiple factors impact a person’s score. That said, below are some generalizations to keep in mind:

  • People who verify 2 years of rental history and who already have established credit could potentially see an increase of 20-100 points if their rental history does not contain any late payments.
  • People who do not have a credit score at all could potentially jump up to the mid-600s by adding 2 years of rental payments to their credit file.

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To opt-in or out of the Esusu service or for questions, please complete the form below and an Esusu team member will get back to you within 1-2 business days.


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Esusu Disclosure: Esusu aims to help renters build financial stability now and forever. Esusu only reports on-time rent payments and does not report missed or late rent payments to the credit bureaus. Using Esusu rent reporting services does not guarantee an increase in credit scores as scores are determined by the credit agencies using multiple factors, including but not limited to the history of a renter’s other timely payments being reported to the credit agencies, change in credit utilization rates, and so much more.

For questions about our products and services, see Esusu’s FAQs at esusurent.com/faq or email us at rentsupport@esusu.org.
To opt out of rent reporting: Text us at (347) 991-9672 or email us at rentsupport@esusu.org.