Rent Relief

  • You reside in a property that works with Esusu
  • You owe less than $5,000 in rent
  • You are not behind by more than three months’ rent
  • You are not currently in the eviction process

Application does not guarantee approval. Ultimately, approval of rent relief funds depends on the underwriting criteria set forth by Stable Home Fund and the availability of funds. 

* Eligibility: For anyone who currently rents in the United States and resides in an enrolled property that works with Esusu. Regardless of your immigration status, you will be eligible for rent relief if you are experiencing financial hardship. Not all properties are enrolled in this service. Residents who apply may be eligible for up to 3 months of rental assistance (at a maximum of $5,000 in total assistance).

Complete our application to find out if you qualify for our 0% interest rent relief loans.