Rent Relief

Esusu has partnered with Stable Home Fund, a 501(c)(3) public charity organization, to provide rent relief funds to keep renters in their homes as they navigate economic shocks and periods of severe financial distress. Eligibility: For anyone who currently rents in the United States and resides in an enrolled property that works with Esusu. Regardless of your immigration status, you will be eligible for rent relief if you are experiencing financial hardship. Not all properties are enrolled in this service. Residents who apply may be eligible for up to 3 months of rental assistance (at a maximum of $5,000 in total assistance).

How it works

Relief Application

Complete our quick, 2-minute application for rent relief.

Review Process

Esusu reviews your application.


Get notified on your application status within 46 weeks.


Your rent relief payment is deposited to your Landlord.

The impact we make

“I am a single mother and I was overwhelmed with anxiety not knowing how I was going to catch up on my rent. Thankfully Esusu helped me on my rent if not I would have been evicted from my home with my children.”


Rent Relief: Offer 0% interest loans through Stable Home Fund for renters experiencing financial hardship, paid directly to property managers. Learn more here.