Financially stable renters lead to better property performance

Since the program’s inception, Freddie Mac, Esusu, and many industry-leading owners and operators have created incredible, scalable impact on thousands of renters and hundreds of thousands of properties through rent reporting.


Total Units Reporting Rent


Total Credit Scores Established


# of Total Renters that Established New Credit Lines

Thanks to Freddie Mac, borrowers can report rent through Esusu for free.

Rent Reporting increases resident retention and incentivizes them to pay on time, all while helping establish or build their credit. When you work with Esusu, you’ll get access to the Esusu Dashboard with data sets for ESG reporting in investor letters, GRESB, and other ESG disclosures.

Access Esusu at no cost

Eligible borrowers can enroll in Rent Reporting for free for one year, thanks to Freddie Mac. Plus, you’ll get access to the full suite of Esusu services. We report rent to all three credit bureaus, provide access to rent relief, and report social impact data back to you.

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Stabilize and drive portfolio health

When residents are given opportunities to maintain financial stability, property owners and operators can see lower rates of eviction and turnover as a result. Additionally, studies found that improved access to financial literacy resources was linked to overall financial stability.

Esusu Rent Reporting increases resident retention and incentivizes them to pay on time, all while helping establish or build their credit and improve their knowledge of personal finance.

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Improve portfolio marketability

A popular study found that 2/3 of renters would choose a building with rent reporting over one without and that renters are more inclined to pay rent on time when their payments are reported.

Moreover, GRESB found that 98% of investors use ESG data in their investment process- meaning that providing more scalable, measurable social impact is a win-win for both property owners and renters.

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