Fannie Mae and Esusu team up to create equitable financial opportunities for millions through rent reporting. Read on!

What is a good credit score?

Confused about what a “good credit score” truly means? That three-digit number between 300 and 850 has a big role in determining how much you might pay to access loans for a variety of things like a home, car, and consumer purchases.  Banks and lenders use credit score tiers to determine their fees, interest rates,

Esusu honored by Goldman Sachs for entrepreneurship

Wemimo Abbey and Samir Goel, co-founders and co-CEOs among the Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs at the 2022 Builders and Innovators Summit.   Harlem, N.Y. (October 12, 2022) – Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) is recognizing Esusu co-founders and co-CEOs Wemimo Abbey and Samir Goel as two of the Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs of 2022 at its Builders and Innovators

Fannie Mae and Esusu join forces to bring rent reporting to millions

Today we announced a new initiative alongside Fannie Mae (FNMA), a Government Sponsored Entity (GSE) that provides debt financing and liquidity to the mortgage market, to bring rent reporting to millions of renters nationwide. This collaboration is part of a joint effort between the two organizations to bring better financial opportunities to renters, especially in

7 Things that can hurt your credit score

Your credit score is essential. A high credit score may indicate that you’re a low-risk borrower who can get a loan at a good interest rate. A low credit score can mean you won’t be approved for a loan, or that you’ll have to pay a high-interest rate. The thing is, if you’re like most