How to use Esusu’s social impact metrics in your annual report

Is it time to start drafting your annual report?

Esusu’s platform can be a vital resource in your social impact strategy, and we know reporting these results in an annual report can be a lot of work. We’re here to make it as easy as possible to access data and share the results of your strategy. 

How can you use Esusu data to create a dynamic and effective annual report? Here are a few examples of how our customers used Esusu in their social impact reporting. 


Defining social impact goals 

How does using Esusu align with your organization’s overall social impact goals? Highlighting Esusu data lets you clearly define your goals and showcase your achievements throughout the past year. 

In its 2023 annual report, Pretium showcased how Esusu aligned with its overall goal of “promoting equitable participation in financial-services markets” and how its residential real estate affiliate, Progress Residential, was able to advance that goal using Rent Reporting. 

Kayne Anderson’s goal of increased resident engagement was perfectly encapsulated by their work with Esusu and our rent reporting services. The organization first laid out its ESG strategy and proposed solutions, followed by specific actions to achieve its goals.



Elme showcased how Esusu was able to help them further their goals of financial inclusion with our partnership starting in 2022. 


Showcasing credit score increases and establishment

Many of our customers are working towards increased financial equity in the United States, a mission we at Esusu are also committed to. 

Using rent reporting, our customers have helped their residents improve or establish their credit, and in turn, giving those residents a chance to achieve financial stability. It’s a quantifiable “S” metric in ESG that shows just how many residents your strategy has been able to impact. 

JBG Smith used Esusu data to showcase how they helped over 2,000 of their residents establish or improve their credit. 

Camden helped nearly 1,600 residents establish credit since working with Esusu in 2020, as they showcase in their 2022 annual report. 

42.7% of Stoneweg residents were in the “good” credit tier by the end of 2021, helping them achieve lower interest rates when taking on necessary debt. Stoneweg experimented with data visualization too. The impact report brought to life the decrease in residents in the “poor” tier of credit and the growth in the “good” and “excellent” categories. 


Highlighting rent relief data

During the COVID-19 pandemic, applications for and companies offering rent relief loans skyrocketed as many could not pay their rent. Esusu continues to offer zero-interest rent relief loans through Stable Home Fund, helping our customers reduce bad debt and vacancy rates while helping our residents get back on solid financial footing and avoid eviction. 

Stoneweg US helped 25 families facing financial hardship in 2021 using rent relief, which “kept them in their homes and a part of our communities.”



Want to learn more about how Esusu data can help you build more substantial social impact initiatives? Check out our latest report Centering social impact in your ESG strategy, and learn helpful tips on building and measuring your social impact. 

If you’re an Esusu customer and have featured us in your annual report, we want to see it! Reach out to your account manager with your latest report, and we’ll share it with our network.


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