FAQs for property owners, managers, and landlords

The Esusu Passport is a digital tool for tracking and sharing a renters’ rental payment history.

Renters who live in an Esusu property and are using the Esusu Resident Portal can directly share their past rental payment history in the form of the Esusu Passport with you. 

  • Renters log into their Esusu Account and view their Esusu Passport. 
  • Renters can directly share their Esusu Passport with you through email. 
  • The Esusu Passport will come as a PDF to you that is not editable by the renter. 

We understand the challenges you face in finding reliable residents. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Esusu Passport, a solution to help streamline your tenant screen process and enhance the quality of your rental portfolio. This is not meant to replace other tenant screening tools, but instead enhance a prospective renter’s application.

Esusu provides financial services for both renters and property owners and operators. Our core offerings include rent reporting, rent relief, social impact reporting, and access to hand-picked partner services through our Esusu Marketplace.

Esusu is trusted by top owners and operators including, Related Affordable, Camden, WinnCompanies, L&M Development Partners, Mercy Housing, Jonathan Rose, and Cushman & Wakefield. You can learn more about Esusu’s offerings for properties and portfolios at esusu.com/properties.

An email with an attached PDF will be sent directly to you from Esusu. The renter will not be able to edit or adjust the information in the attachment. It will be delivered to you via no-reply@esusu.org.

The Esusu Passport will include:

  • Tenant name
  • Tenant’s current address
  • Tenant’s current lease details
  • Account summary (number of total payments and completed payments)
  • Detailed monthly history with payment status

Esusu displays two statuses for the months in the Esusu Passport – “Confirmed” and “Unconfirmed”. The “Confirmed” status denotes that Esusu has received payment data for this renter for the month. The “Unconfirmed” means that either the resident has not paid for the current month or that Esusu has not received payment data from the renter’s landlord yet for the corresponding month.

Esusu will display the rental payment information for the length of the renter’s current lease that Esusu has received from the renter’s landlord. Lease length will vary from renter to renter.

Learn more at esusu.com/properties or email us directly at sales@esusu.org.