PadSplit and Esusu partner to provide rapid relief for members


PadSplit is a mission-driven company that helps to solve the affordable housing crisis, one room at a time. Through its shared-housing model, the company aligns incentives between cities, nonprofits, and property owners to spur cost-effective housing creation without direct public subsidy, all while providing safe and affordable housing for working-class individuals.

Through its marketplace, Padsplit has served more than 4,000 residents to date. Their unique business model helps members save $420/month on average across rent, utilities, and transportation. In their three years in operation, they have become a trusted and award-winning platform to ensuring affordable housing isn’t a barrier to building opportunities.


COVID-19 caused financial instability for millions of Americans. Since many of PadSplit’s residents are frontline workers, they especially felt the pinch as the pandemic first set in.

“At the onset of the pandemic, many PadSplit members lost their jobs and faced tremendous financial uncertainty,” said Atticus LeBlanc, PadSplit’s founder and CEO.

Internally, PadSplit leadership realized their members needed emergency financial support. They needed to find ways to help their members remain financially stable for today and tomorrow.


Padsplit turned to Esusu to help its members stabilize their income and continue to build a solid financial foundation. Through this expanded partnership, Esusu helped deploy 0% interest Rent Relief funds for qualifying PadSplit residents. Likewise, Padsplit also continued to enroll its members in Esusu’s rent reporting to help establish and build their credit scores over time.

With Rent Reporting, Padsplit members could report their weekly rental payment data to Equifax and TransUnion, enabling them to establish and build their credit profiles with on-time rent payments.

Establishing finanical stability and growing credit profiles

Helping members remain housed while building a stable financial future was imperative for the Padsplit team.

Through this Rent Relief program, a total of $46K in relief funding was awarded to 56 members to help them maintain housing. Similarly, members enrolled in Esusu’s rent reporting program have seen a massive boost in credit scores. 88% of PadSplit residents improved their credit scores with a +48pts average increase in scores across all residents. Additionally, over 1,300 residents established their credit scores for the first time.

Even as the worst of the pandemic and job losses seem to be behind us, PadSplit members can continue to apply for rent relief funding through Esusu in times of financial distress, and qualifying members can receive the funds quickly, often as soon as 72 hours. Similarly, members can enroll in rent reporting to boost credit scores for every on-time rent payment.



Of residents improved their credit scores.


Average credit score increased by 48 points, to 588.


Members established their credit scores for the first time.


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