Together Let’s Unlock Tomorrow 

Letter to our employees 

June 13, 2024


Today marks an important inflection point in Esusu’s history as we unveil Esusu 2.0, our reimagined brand identity centered on the theme of Unlock Tomorrow. We all live one life, whether rich or poor, and one thing is guaranteed: our time in this life will expire someday. Regardless of our status, race, or how we identify ourselves, tomorrow is never promised. However, we are granted the grace and privilege to see each new day, which we should never take for granted. This is why the concept of “Unlocking Tomorrow” resonates with us. It represents possibilities, the promise of a new day, and the potential to create infinite opportunities for the communities we care about, helping us to realize our vision and mission. 

This evolution underpins The Esusu Movement, bringing us closer to the many millions in this country left behind by the current status quo. Our brand is how people think of us when we are not in the room, how we make people feel, what we stand for, and who we are. We are proud to evolve the cherished Esusu brand in a way that reflects our audacity, our bold vision for the future, and our commitment to our mission, vision, values, and operating principles.

It’s tradition at Esusu to reflect on where we’ve been as we look towards our future. In that spirit, we wanted to reminisce on  the journey that has brought us to where we are today.

The original Esusu Brand Identity (2016-2019)

Esusu Savings: Our first brand identity launched in 2016 when Esusu was a rotational savings platform. Inspired by the mathematical nature of savings and wealth creation, we chose colors that reflected prosperity and security, rooted in our cultural heritage.

The original Esusu Rent Brand Identity (2020-2024)

Esusu Rent: By 2019, Esusu had evolved into a rent reporting company and raised its first institutional round of capital. Recognizing the future of rent reporting, we reimagined our brand to reflect our focus, new products, and a more bold and inspirational visual identity. We created a brand that emphasized our commitment to reimagining the future, incorporating our win-win-win messaging to engage stakeholders across our ecosystem. These elements and ethos remain at the heart of our brand and visual identity.

The next chapter: Esusu Wealth

As we state in Esusu’s master plan, “Esusu is not just a platform; it’s a beacon, shining a light on those who have been in the shadows of the financial system, ensuring no one remains invisible. We empower individuals to rise, step into the light, and claim their place in the financial world.”

We now introduce Esusu 2.0, centered around our new tagline: Unlock Tomorrow. This rallying call invites our renters, partners, and collaborators to unlock financial freedom and build prosperous communities along with us. Unlock Tomorrow furthers our ambition to make the American Dream a reality for all, particularly those historically excluded from wealth-building and economic opportunity. It amplifies our mission to dismantle barriers to housing for working families and emphasizes our vision to use data to bridge the racial wealth gap.

In crafting the new brand identity, we drew inspiration from enduring brands, aiming for a visual identity that evokes trust, progress, and unity, while delivering a modern and refreshed appeal. Our new logo incorporates the Bese Saka and Lotus Flower, ancient symbols of wealth, strength, and togetherness. Our colors reflect a modern vibrance to capture consumer sentiment and cement the trust we’ve built with our partners. This rebrand, combined with an exciting set of upcoming product and service launches, serves as a springboard into the next phase of growth as a company.

As we celebrate the dynamism and novelty of our new brand identity, we also honor the foundational elements from our Esusu Savings and Esusu Rent identities that paved the way for this next chapter. As always, Esusu’s best days lie ahead.

Together Let’s Unlock Tomorrow,