Raman Sodhi, Director of Operations

October 1, 2021

45M+ people living in America lack credit scores; as a result, most of them are marginalized from the financial markets. With this premise, Esusu aims to dismantle barriers to housing for working families, giving them the financial opportunity to build credit through rent reporting.

Having this goal in mind, Esusu continues to improve on its products and services with a team of mission-driven individuals whose passion is to build financial access and inclusion for everyone.

And as we strengthen the company through its people and technology, we are delighted to be led by our Director of Operations, Raman Sodhi.


The Persistent and Dedicated Leader

Raman grew up in Ottawa, Canada – home of Rideau Canal, the longest outdoor skating rink in the world. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems from Carleton University and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from McGill University.

With over 15 years of experience in various fields such as software engineering, management consulting, and strategy & operations, Raman brings a wealth of experience to the Esusu team. Before joining Esusu, he led multiple teams at PwC that developed new strategies and technologies for the betterment of the firm and its customers. 

Aside from his impressive professional background, Raman is also a proud husband to his amazing wife and a father to two young boys. Outside of work, Raman is focused on his family. He enjoys cooking for them, learning new things together, playing, and being silly with his sons. 


On Why He Joined Esusu

His fatherhood amplified his desire to do good for the world, wanting to build a better future for his children and taking the lessons he learned from watching his immigrant parents persevere in a foreign country. 

“I want to know that I played a part in helping to redefine the new normal for financial access and opportunity for millions of people so that they and their families can chase their dreams and find their happiness.”

Esusu seeks to provide everyone the financial freedom they deserve, no matter what race or background they come from. 


Words of Wisdom to Share

“Coaching and mentoring are critical – pay it forward! I have been lucky enough in my life and career to have several great coaches and mentors guiding me through tough times, pushing me to take on bigger challenges, and opening my eyes to different perspectives. I strive to be a great mentor to others and encourage everyone to look for opportunities to be a mentor or mentee. “


If you want to work with a brilliant and humble group of people to change the world, then Esusu is the right place for you! Check out our careers page to know our current job openings.