Fannie Mae and Esusu join forces to bring rent reporting to millions

Wemimo Abbey and Samir Goel • September 27, 2022

Today we announced a new initiative alongside Fannie Mae (FNMA), a Government Sponsored Entity (GSE) that provides debt financing and liquidity to the mortgage market, to bring rent reporting to millions of renters nationwide. This collaboration is part of a joint effort between the two organizations to bring better financial opportunities to renters, especially in marginalized communities who have often been denied equitable housing opportunities. 


Historically rental payments are not factored into credit scores the way mortgage payments are, creating a fundamental inequity between homeowners and renters. Even today, fewer than 10% of renters see their on-time rental payment history reflected in their credit scores. Furthermore, more than 45 million Americans are deemed credit invisible or unscorable. 


This is exactly why we founded Esusu. 


Esusu was built to help the approximately 44 million renting households in the United States who, due to their housing status, are at a significant disadvantage when building their credit profile, a major factor when seeking additional financing options.


Over the years, as we’ve worked toward our mission of dismantling housing barriers, it became clear we could not do this alone. Reaching millions of renters requires a network of organizations and individuals who are willing to help and ready to knock down barriers and right the wrongs of the past. Teaming up with Fannie Mae for the Positive Rent Payment Pilot is an exciting next step in that journey.


The Esusu and Fannie Mae program

Beginning today, Fannie Mae will cover the first full year of service fees for Esusu’s platform, plus discounted fees thereafter for any borrower who enrolls. The program will help participating multifamily property owners increase on-time rent collections, reduce evictions, and scale their Environmental Social Governance (ESG) efforts in a manner that is easily tracked and accretive to all stakeholders.


Bringing on a new ESG program and vendor takes a lot of consideration. We’re thankful to the Fannie Mae team for leading a program allowing property owners to try Esusu and experience the platform’s benefits alongside their renters. 


So what can an owner expect from signing up for the program?

  • Program fees are covered: Fannie Mae covers the first year of Esusu, plus discounts thereafter. You can learn more by emailing or by visiting
  • Rent reporting for your residents: Esusu reports only on-time payments to all three major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) to help them improve their credit scores.
  • Rent relief: As an Esusu customer, you’ll have access to the entire Esusu platform. This includes the rent relief program, which allows residents to apply for 0% interest rent payment support paid directly to the property manager.
  • Social impact metrics: To support your ESG initiatives, Esusu provides accretive social impact metrics reports. 

We are grateful to have the team at Fannie Mae as an ally in this journey as we work to make rent reporting accessible to renters around the country. 


Want to start taking advantage of the incentives? Learn more here or email us directly at emailing