Everything you need to know about the Esusu Resident Portal

This post has been updated in April 2024 to reflect updates to the Resident Portal. 

Esusu’s Resident Portal is live!

As part of Esusu’s rent reporting platform, we are building a holistic set of renter resources, made available for free to your residents and at no extra cost to owners or operators. 

Esusu’s Resident Portal gives your residents a convenient hub to check their credit score for free, get credit building and financial tips, access offers to vetted financial products and services through the Esusu Marketplace, find the best free local and government financial resources and support available, and share their rental payment track record with the Esusu Passport. 

Thousands of renters are already taking advantage of the powerful and free new tools in the Resident Portal. Here’s what’s waiting for your residents when they sign up!  

Key features for residents 

Credit score tracking

Esusu residents can see the real-time impact of rent reporting with Esusu completely for free. Resident credit scores are updated monthly in the Resident Portal, so they can keep tabs on how much their score has improved.

Credit history with Esusu

Residents can view their credit score progress since beginning rent reporting with Esusu and see their score progress after three months, six months, and a year. 

Rent reporting

Residents can enroll in or check the status of their rent reporting through the Resident Portal. They will be able to see how long we’ve reported their rent and learn more about how rent reporting works. 

Esusu Passport*

Residents can also take advantage of the Esusu Passport, our newest resource that allows property managers to easily verify the rental history of Esusu renters as part of their rental application. 

*This offering is currently in beta testing and available to a select group of residents.

Special offerings 

Your residents get special access to Esusu’s Renters Toolkit, which includes free resources like:

  • WorkMoney: WorkMoney is a nonprofit dedicated to raising incomes and lowering costs for American families. Their ever-growing database of rebates, discounts, and benefits is available for families in all 50 states.  
  • Fannie Mae’s Here 2 Help Program: Fannie Mae can help residents through their financial hardships and help provide financial assistance while recovering from disasters.
  • SaverLife: This free and innovative platform helps residents build a personalized roadmap to accelerate savings and reach financial goals.
  • FindHelp: Residents can search for free or reduced-cost services unique to their area. Residents enter their zip code and get access to over 500,000 local and nationwide services.  

They also get access to Esusu’s network of cost-saving partnerships through the Esusu Renters Marketplace. Esusu partners with vetted companies to bring residents savings and opportunities that can help them achieve financial security faster than ever before. 

Plus, we’re always adding more to the Esusu Renters Marketplace. What’s new? 

  • Sure: Renters insurance helps keep your property and your renters secure. Sure offers your renters easy to access quotes and reliable coverage nationwide. 
  • Caribou: Caribou offers refinancing options that can help your renters potentially save hundreds on their car loans.  
  • Grow Credit: Grow Credit helps you boost your credit score when you pay for subscriptions, including your cell phone plan, without taking on additional debt. 
  • Gravy: With Gravy, you can accelerate your path to homeownership just by paying your rent. Gravy users can get up to 5% of their on-time rent payments back to save towards their first home. 
  • april: This IRS-authorized e-file provider helps your renters file their taxes with the power of AI. Renters can get their taxes done faster with fewer questions for free directly in Esusu’s Resident Portal.

Increase your resident satisfaction

The Esusu Resident Portal makes it easy for your residents to see the real impact that rent reporting is having on their financial lives. The Resident Portal also gives residents access to savings and offers that will boost their financial well-being. When you work with Esusu, you take one more step towards renter satisfaction. 

Want to know more? 

If you’re an Esusu partner property, your residents can access the Resident Portal today. Contact your account manager if you have questions about helping your residents gain access. 

If you’re not yet working with Esusu and want to learn more about bringing rent reporting and the new Resident Portal to your properties, please contact sales@esusu.org and our team will be happy to assist.