Esusu Resident Portal Q&A

The Esusu Resident Portal is here! 


The Esusu Resident Portal is your one-stop shop to check your credit history and progress and access resources exclusive to Esusu residents. The best part? It’s FREE for all residents who report their rent with Esusu.

Want to learn more about the portal? Check out these questions from renters like you and see what’s in store. 


Q: How do I sign up for the Resident Portal?


A: You can sign up for the Resident Portal here

If you’re enrolled in Rent Reporting with Esusu, you’ll need to create a new Resident Portal account to access the exclusive features and benefits. You can also verify the status of your rent reporting in the portal. You can opt-in to rent reporting through the portal if you’re not already enrolled. Account creation should only take a few minutes.






Q: How do I see how much my credit score has improved?


A: Check your credit score and score improvement in the Resident Portal! 

In the portal, you can see your credit score progress since you started using Esusu and from your starting score to your current score after three months, six months, and a year. If you’re not enrolled, you can verify your Rent Reporting eligibility with Esusu and opt-in to the program.

The impact of your rent on your credit score will be updated in the portal every month as you make your on-time payments. It’s important to note that opening any new credit account, including rent reporting, will initially cause your score to drop. This is normal and should be resolved in about three months. 


Q: Does Esusu start tracking my on-time payments from my sign-up date or the date I moved into the property?


A: Esusu can report on your previous on-time rental payments for up to 24 months earlier, but this is only the case with some properties or renters. When the reporting begins, if payment history exists, we will report that history to help bolster the impact as much as possible. 

We can only track payments from your time living at your current address. We will work with your property manager to get records of your previous on-time payments; if your payments still need to be updated, reach out to your property manager so we can resolve this issue for you. 

Since we work on a do-no-harm model of credit-building, if you have any late or missed payments in your past, we WILL NOT report them to the credit bureaus. 

You can keep track of your on-time payments, rent reporting enrollment status, and credit progress in our Resident Portal! 


Q: Do I pay my rent through the Esusu Resident Portal now?


A: No, you will still pay your rent through your usual method each month. Esusu will work with your property manager to gather your on-time rental payment data and submit it to the credit bureaus; there’s nothing extra you have to do to have your rent reported. 

You can see how your credit has progressed since you started using Esusu, but you do not pay your rent through the portal, and there is no additional charge to register.


Ready for the Resident Portal?


Create your Esusu Resident Portal account today! New products are added monthly to help residents achieve their financial goals and be more educated renters.

Have more questions about the portal or anything else Esusu-related? Email us at, and our customer support team will gladly help. 

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