Esusu and Padsplit provide housing and credit building support to frontline workers


To date, the global pandemic has disproportionately impacted healthcare and frontline workers, resulting in loss of income, lack of financial stability, and in some cases, a lack of housing. 

Esusu and PadSplit, a mission-driven marketplace that helps solve the affordable housing crisis, are partnering together to provide rapid housing support for frontline workers. Through this partnership, PadSplit members, who may have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or another economic hardship, receive access to credit-building opportunities and interest-free loans. 


About Padsplit

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Atlanta, PadSplit provides shared housing – a “PadSplit” – with private, furnished bedrooms and fixed utility costs as well as access to 24/7 telehealth and job matching services so workers can obtain safe, clean, and affordable housing. To date, PadSplit has created more than 2,000 units of affordable housing and has housed more than 4,000 individuals, with rooms available at approximately 40-50  percent of the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in its markets. PadSplit is also far more accessible than traditional one-bedroom apartments because it requires no minimum credit score or security deposit. And, PadSplit’s backend technology enables a customizable payment schedule so that residents can align the timing of these all-inclusive housing payments to their work pay periods, making it easier to budget and build savings. 

In this member story, Briana Daly discusses how Padsplit has helped her establish stability while improving her credit score.

Expanding the partnership

As the pandemic continued and the affordable housing crisis escalated, Esusu and PadSplit expanded upon their partnership to stabilize housing for PadSplit members beyond credit repair. Via Esusu, PadSplit members can now apply for zero-interest loans in times of financial distress. In addition, Esusu provides a rapid response so that qualifying members can receive the funds quickly, as soon as 72 hours post-approval, alongside the generous repayment plans. 

The housing affordability and security crisis continues to trouble most American cities leaving millions of Americans in need of shelter. Esusu and Padsplit’s partnership is timely in providing much-needed financial stability.  As a result of their partnership thus far, 88 percent of PadSplit’s residents have improved their credit scores and more than $46,000 has been deployed in rent relief (as of the date of this post).

To scale support for essential workers, especially in the Atlanta region, PadSplit and Esusu continue to raise funds for this interest-free loan program. So whether you’re from an organization or just an individual willing to lend a hand in need, you can go to our fundraising page and make a donation. For more information, visit