Esusu Continues To Fight The Eviction Crisis

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Esusu continues to fight the eviction crisis by providing rapid rent relief funds to keep families in their homes. This work is possible by a new partnership with the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation. 

The CDC’s appended eviction moratorium with coverage protecting over 7 million renters is set to expire this month. As the federal eviction moratorium comes to a close, millions of families stand to lose the last remaining federal protection keeping many safely and stably housed during the pandemic.  


Impact of the Rent Relief Fund

Established in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Esusu’s zero-interest relief funds continue to help renters avoid eviction and, ultimately, homelessness. With renters nationwide owing over $70 billion in outstanding rental payments, demand from both renters and property managers has surged.

Zero-interest rent relief efforts keep families in their homes while empowering them with rent-reporting and credit-building benefits. To date, Esusu provides relief funds to renters to cover up to 3 months of back rent in times of need. The Rent Relief program has provided over $1 million in emergency funds to renters nationwide.

Family photo with the father carrying the infant.


Path forward

As the housing industry grapples with limited access to government resources and the expiring eviction moratorium, providing renters and landlords with comprehensive tools and resources to foster financial stability for low to moderate-income families is Esusu’s top priority. Esusu plans to scale this rent relief program platform to reach more of the 7 million renters across the United States with back rent due.

“Esusu is committed to providing rapid relief to help renters establish financial stability now and forever,” said Wemimo Abbey and Samir Goel, Co-CEOs. 

Esusu Founders, Abbey and Samir