Bringing rental insurance to Esusu renters nationwide

You probably know Esusu as the company helping renters establish and build their credit scores by reporting on-time rent payments. Because renters deserve the chance to build financial resilience and stability, we spent the last year launching services like Rent Relief and our partnership with

Today we are expanding our resident services offerings with Renters Insurance by Sure. Through our partnership with Sure Insurance, renters nationwide can secure vetted and quality insurance to protect themselves and their belongings. This is the latest addition to our ever-expanding list of services and programs on the Esusu Renters Marketplace. 


Renters’ Insurance is a win-win for renters and property owners

When renting, it’s impossible to predict accidents or emergencies that can harm renters, their belongings, or a property. Nearly ~50% of renters go uninsured, risking harm and costly expenses for themselves and their property owners or managers.

On average, renters are paying $18/month for renters insurance across the US, and plans with Sure start as low as $11/month. Because plans can cover tens of thousands in damages, injury, or theft, it is an extremely cost-effective way to protect renters and property. 

Renters’ insurance gives renters peace of mind knowing their valuables are protected. At the same time, property owners and managers benefit by knowing they will not be liable for out-of-pocket fees associated with accidents or emergencies. 


Affordable, comprehensive coverage through Sure

We partnered with Sure Insurance because they offer easy access to quotes and reliable coverage nationwide. Renters Insurance by Sure gives renters comprehensive coverage, including:

  • Medical costs covered:  Injuries happen. Renters’ insurance covers reasonable medical expenses if someone is injured on a renter’s property.
  • Protection against lawsuits: Renters Insurance by Sure covers renters for damages and or injuries while on the renter’s property.
  • Protection from damages: Renters’ belongings are covered against theft, loss, and destruction. 
  • Out-of-home coverage: Renters’ insurance follows renters wherever they are outside their homes.  


Just the beginning of Esusu’s renter-facing services

Helping renters become financially savvy means more than just helping them build their credit. It also means helping them protect their homes and their belongings—and we’re not stopping there. 

Esusu is committed to making financial services accessible and affordable for all, and this new offering is a step towards that goal. We’re excited to continue to build Esusu as a one-stop-shop for renter financial health. Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn for future updates!

We invite you to learn more about our new offering by visiting our Renters Insurance page.