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Esusu Rent Relief Portal

Release Notes

Updated: Feb 25, 2023



On February 28th, we are pushing a few updates to our Rent Relief Portal that will improve the resident experience and allow for easier navigation for Property Managers using the system. Some of these changes are enhancements to existing functionality, while others are new features we’ve added based on customer feedback. 


1. Changes in Loan Status Terminologies

Over the last couple of months, we have received multiple inquiries about vague Loan Status terminologies. To ensure we have consistent language across the Rent Relief Platform, we have made the following changes to the terms:

  • Bank statement expired has been changed to “Bank verification expired”.
  • Rejected has been changed to “Not Approved”.

The above changes will be visible in all workspaces and will be displayed in sections where the loan status is listed. 

In addition, we have also relabeled the workspaces below to make them more intuitive, less technical, and easier to understand.

  • Origination has been changed to “New Applications”.
  • Export has been changed to “Export All Applications”.

As a recap, New Applications is where all applications pending review are listed. In Export All Applications, this is where users can go to check the status of applications that have already been verified and sent to our team for review.


2. Adverse Action Notices

Earlier this month, residents unsuccessful in receiving Esusu Rent Relief will now receive the reason why their application was not approved. This change will create a better experience for residents (clarity on their applications) and for Property Managers (less time answering questions regarding application rejections). 

Here’s a guide with adverse action reasons residents may see, and a sample notification renters may receive. 


3. Resident Verification Workflow

Most of you may have already seen this update, but for those who have not, we are making a few changes to the way you can verify new applications. Instead of a free-form text box, you will now be asked to answer a series of Yes/No questions when you click on “Send for review”. This will ensure there’s consistency in the data provided which will yield the most optimal results.


4. Recurring Notifications for Unverified Loans

Finally, we are adding a new automated notification called the “Awaiting Review” notice. This is a system-triggered notification sent when there are outstanding applications pending review. Instead of only receiving one notification when you have an application to send for review, you will now receive one every 3 days until the action is complete. Our goal is to ensure timely review and verification of applications more efficiently deploy rent relief to renters.

End of Update

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