Esusu raises Series B at a $1B valuation to accelerate vision to bridge the racial wealth gap. Read on!

Melwyn D’Silva, VP of Engineering

December 16, 2021

Not everyone has access to build credit, and that includes 45 million adults living in America. Not having a credit score means limited financial opportunities, higher interest rates, and narrow access to homeownership. Because Esusu is focused on equalizing the playing field of the financial market, we’re scaling up our team dedicated to dynamic product innovation—employing a diverse, purposeful group of individuals who are passionate about creating equitable financial access for everyone.

As we establish improvements on our technology and systems, we are thrilled to be led by our new VP of Engineering, Melwyn D’Silva.


A technology enthusiast and business leader

Melwyn was born and raised in Mumbai, India – home of India’s film industry, widely known as Bollywood. He graduated from the University of Mumbai with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance.

Before joining Esusu, Melwyn worked on SaaS (Software as a Service) applications and product management for several companies, primarily in the real estate industry. He also has experience building products for revenue management, business intelligence, and retail POS (Point of Sales) systems–all skills that will be valuable to Esusu’s growth. 

Along with being a seasoned technologist, Melwyn also dabbles in reading historical non-fiction books and binge-listening to podcasts. On weekends, most of his time is spent watching European soccer, specifically the English Premier League–his favorite team is Manchester City.

On why he joined Esusu

As an immigrant moving to the United States for the first time, his challenging experience with renting an apartment, obtaining an auto loan, and insurance still resonate. For Melwyn, joining Esusu meant he could be part of the positive transformation of the millions of people who are adversely impacted by being unable to establish credit.

Esusu was built on the premise that where you come from, the color of your skin, and your financial identity should never determine where you end up in life. “I firmly believe in Esusu’s mission of bridging the racial wealth gap, and that starts with helping our team build world-class products that are easy for anyone to use,” he explained.


Words of wisdom to share

Theodore Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena speech is one that has greatly helped Melwyn in his journey as a technologist. He believes, “The essence is to be able to take risks in life which are not blatantly harmful. In our business and in the technology world there is no innovation without taking risks.”

Melwyn’s proudest achievements have come from mentoring individual contributors on his teams who have gone on to manage their own teams. “I have benefitted from some good mentors,” he said, “I intend to continue to pay it forward.”  


If you’re looking for your next role in engineering or beyond, Esusu is in need of Justice Capitalists like you! Come join mission-driven professionals building products that bridge the racial wealth gap then check out our careers page.