Expanded Freddie Mac initiative covers first-year cost of rent reporting through Esusu for multifamily borrowers. Learn more!

Save on car payments with Esusu & Caribou

Save on car payments with Esusu & Caribou   Esusu’s primary mission is to help you build your financial identity by reporting on-time rent payments, but we’re constantly seeking new ways to assist you in saving money and staying protected. That’s why we’ve expanded our resident services offerings with Caribou, the auto fintech platform that

Earning, saving, borrowing, and spending: A guide for Financial Literacy Month

April is #FinancialLiteracyMonth and to wrap up the month we’ve created a guide to improving your financial knowledge, from better understanding your income and savings, to being wiser about borrowing and spending.  Let’s get started. Your income (understanding your earnings) Income is the money you make, typically as your payment through work, but also money