Fannie Mae and Esusu team up to create equitable financial opportunities for millions through rent reporting. Read on!

New Esusu and Freddie Mac program to help renters build credit

Esusu Launches Initiative with Freddie Mac Multifamily to Help Renters Build Credit Through On-time Rent Payments To date, over 45 million Americans are credit invisible, ultimately exposing them to high-interest capital, limited access to homeownership, and other wealth-building opportunities. To address this, Esusu was founded on the insight that rent, the single most significant monthly

Raman Sodhi, Director of Operations

45M+ people living in America lack credit scores; as a result, most of them are marginalized from the financial markets. With this premise, Esusu aims to dismantle barriers to housing for working families, giving them the financial opportunity to build credit through rent reporting. Having this goal in mind, Esusu continues to improve on its

Esusu supports renters at risk of eviction

Pressed for Time? Here’s a summary.  The CDC has evoked a limited moratorium for renters set to expire in 2 months. This appended moratorium prevents evictions for all renters living in communities experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases until October 3, 2021.  Despite this, many renters in states or communities not covered by this moratorium

Esusu raises $10 Million in Series A funding

A Note From Esusu’s Co-Founders     Esusu raised a $10 million Series A funding round, led by Motley Fool Ventures with Investment from Serena Williams’ Serena Ventures   We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $10 million in our Series A round. This milestone would not be possible without the boundless support of our new